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Perlon at the 61st Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress 2022

Perlon® will be represented by two experts at the Global Fiber Congress in Dornbirn from September 14-16, 2022. Topics for the event include Fiber Innovations and Sustainability, Circular Economy and Recycling which will also be covered by our speakers. The conference is expected to offer a lively exchange between international experts from academic research and industry.

About Sustainable Filament Solutions for Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Lecture by Christian Fleschhut | September 15 at 4:00 p.m. | Hall B

Sustainability is particularly important for everyday items such as cosmetic brushes or toothbrushes. As a pioneer and market leader for sustainable bristles, Perlon® developed and introduced the “GreenLine Filaments” range more than a decade ago to the market. The product range has been steadily extended and is an important part of the Perlon® commitment to environmental preservation and key to achieving climate goals for the company. This presentation shows the latest developments and the impact of the GreenLine product range on the CFP compared to the standard polymers made of crude oil.

Functionalized Bi-Component Monofilaments and Their Applications

Lecture by Dr. rer. nat. Benedikt Neugirg | September 16 at 11:00 a.m. | Hall A

As the demand for specific performance and functionalized monofilaments is growing, co-extrusion provides a versatile technology that enables the combination of the properties of different polymers. The mechanical properties like tensile modulus, strength or elasticity are mainly determined by the nature and diameter of the core while the sheath polymer is selected to provide a specific functionalization of the surface.

The intrinsic functionalization of the surface is in many cases a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to post-production treatment like coating applied in technical fabrics.

Perlon® group offers a wide range of bi-components monofilaments made of two different polymers which are co-extruded into one single fiber. The two components are selected to achieve a customized combination of properties designed for a specific application. As both polymers are combined in a molten state, an outstanding adhesion core/sheath can be achieved. The percentages of core and sheath can be modified according to the desired end properties.

This lecture will present our versatile portfolio of bi-component monofilaments and their application. Examples of synergetic effects will also be highlighted. Among others, the following products will be reviewed: Wear Indicator, AntiStat, HighGrip and BicoFusible.

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