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Get to Know Prague: 62nd FEIBP Congress Preview

Classic Prague panorama with Old Town Bridge Tower and Charles Bridge
over the Vltava river at sunset. Photo by Vladislav Zolotov.

By Conor M. Todd

The FEIBP is excited to gather again in person for the first time in three years. Over two days in September, the brushware industry will descend on Prague for the 62nd FEIBP Congress to take in various speaking events, working groups and organized social activities. The event highlights include special guests discussing effective family succession planning and how to be mindful of sustainability. Somewhere between the new friends made and information learned, visitors will likely be curious about their surroundings in Prague 1 and 2, where the Congress is taking place at the Grand Majestic Hotel and Grandior Hotel Prague.

Prague is comprised of 10 municipal districts and 112 cadastral areas. Brushware Magazine asked counterparts in Prague what makes the area around the Congress this year exciting for attendees who may want to wander. We’ve acquired the inside scoop on nearby palate experiences that shouldn’t be missed, day trips that will stick with the adventurer for a lifetime, and afternoon hangs that make unwinding easy.

The 216 meter tall Prague TV Tower Zizkov is one of the most impressive sights of Prague. The “babies” by artist David Černý have populated the pillars of the Prague TV tower since 2000.
Photo by Thomas Demarczyk.

Zizkov Television Tower

Getting a lay of the land never hurts. Ensure you get a good vantage point by visiting Zizkov Television Tower. At 216 meters (709 feet), three levels create a high-altitude urban viewing experience incorporating drinks and food. It’s up to the visitor where they want to start or how high they want to go. The observatory sits at 93 meters and is open from 9:00 a.m. until midnight. At 66 meters, 66 Bistro provides a level-up dining opportunity. For the thrill seeker, traveling 27 meters above to OBLACA restaurant offers unrivaled views of Prague. Attendees who want to visit should know that OBLACA is closed Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 5:00 p.m.

If heights aren’t appealing, stopping by Zizkov is still advisable. Miminoo is a garden-level restaurant where visitors can take in the feat of architecture without leaving solid ground. While the view from Miminoo isn’t physically elevated, there’s an opportunity to elevate culturally by seeing the work of Czech sculptor David Cerny. Scaling the columns of Zizkova, Miminka (babies in English) is a series of 11.5 feet and 8.5 feet tall fiberglass sculptures of babies crawling on the structure. The sculptures were introduced in 2000 and permanently affixed several years later.

Prague Castle and Surrounding Area

An afternoon or an hour around Prague Castle offers the opportunity to be steeped in Prague’s history throughout the centuries. Partners of the Congress attendees will enjoy a tour of Prague Castle as part of their itinerary on Thursday, September 22. The castle is believed to have been built in 880, and as a recognized UNESCO site, it is also the world’s largest castle complex at 70,000 m2. Touring Prague Castle transports visitors through time, starting with the remains of 10th-century Romanesque buildings and observing the modifications to the Gothic style in the 14th century and beyond.

Attendees should be aware that the security line checkpoints for access to Prague Castle can be long, so it’s essential to plan accordingly. The official recommendation from our Prague source indicates that if you plan a trip to Prague Castle, approaching from the west offers more sightseeing opportunities before arriving at the Jeleni Prikop entrance to the castle or, rather, Stag Moat. Deer had been seen living in the ravine up to the 18th century. The minor natural feature creates a ceremonious entrance to Prague Castle.

The approach to Prague Castle or the immediate vicinity holds several treasures of the city that make it an area worth wandering in for a bit. A walk down Novy Svet will keep feet moving and eyes wandering with details popping from the residential homes that showcase unique design features and artistic embellishments for the idle passersby. Historically the street doesn’t represent wealth and opulence and through years it was mainly inhabited by artists and tradespeople in the employ of the nearby castle over time. During the communism era, artists created in this area despite the oppression and their work can still be seen. Kavarna Novy Set is a small café on the street with a recommended cup of coffee from our source, perfect fuel for the walk.

When it’s time to get off the street, standout structures in the area worth a visit include Strahov Monastery, Loreto, and Charles Bridge museums. Strahov monastery houses an incredible collection of medieval manuscripts, maps and globes. The painted vaulted ceilings of the library have seen multiple raids over centuries, but the accumulation of knowledge withstood, was maintained and numbers in the thousands today. Loreto is a Baroque church that houses liturgical objects and votive gifts from the 16th to the 18th century, with rotating exhibitions featured through
out the year.

Walking to or from the Prague Castle area, Charles Bridge is the oldest stone bridge in the city, and a celebrated route over Prague’s river, The Vltava. Pass along the Royal Route, following kings’ steps over centuries. Stop by the Charles Bridge Museum housed in the Crusader’s original hospital and Church of the Holy Spirit.

Wenceslas Square in Prague, with a view of the National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic.
Photo by Roman Kybus.

Public Squares, Shopping and Nightlife

Wenceslas Square originated in the 14th century and has been the site of significant events throughout Prague’s history. The National Museum is on the square and offers a guided experience of the Czech people and their country from the 8th century onward. Old Town Square was built in the 13th century and provides more wide-open space to take in the surroundings while ambling idly. Palladium Shopping Center is near both public squares and provides a high-end shopping experience. Electronics, clothing and health and beauty products are some of what can be found here in case something is missing from the trip.

For the night warrior, Prague has no shortage of opportunities to have a late evening out. Starting on Dlouah Street is a safe bet as it has the most bars. It is also conveniently located a few blocks from where the congress is being held — top recommendations in the area; Mojito Cafe, Aloha, Hangar and James Dean.

Have Fun And Be Safe

Prague will be a place of enjoyment and growth for the FEIBP Congress as members of the industry finally have the chance to reconvene after the long intermission. A full itinerary over three days will keep attendees busy, but the Congress’ location offers a chance to get out and see the city for themselves without straining.

Be mindful while out and about, either solo or in a group. According to our source, locations like the Absinthe Museum should be overlooked and recognized as tourist traps; these museums lack substance and value. Time is better spent getting over to Prague Castle district or the National Museum to soak in the city and country’s history. Avoid Ve Smeckach near the National Museum and Wenceslas Square; the street is mainly clubs and brothels where little good happens.

Get outside effortlessly and visit Reigrovy Sady for a walk in the sun and stop in the beer garden. Cross the Charles Bridge to another century and visit sacred grounds to witness breathtaking collections of historical objects and art. Dive into the Prague party experience on Dlouha Street, or go down to Zizkov Television tower to see the city from a seat of relative quiet compared to the ground level.


Succession Management In Family Businesses

Philipp Haindl. Photo by Niko Schmid-Burgk@Schierke Artists.

By Philipp Haindl, Co-founder, Serafin Group

Philipp Haindl completed his studies at London School of Economics with a Master of Global Economic History. He started his career as Associate at KPMG in the audit department before moving on to corporate finance valuation services. Before founding Serafin, Haindl was active in business analysis and acquisitions for five years and was involved in numerous M&A transactions. Serafin is a diversified industrial group, whose philosophy is based on more than 150 years of entrepreneurial tradition of its shareholding family. Serafin invests in companies with the aim to foster their long-term development in accordance with all stakeholders. This development is accompanied by the expertise of advisory board members Prof. Dr. Bernd Gottschalk, Wolfgang Ley and Prof. Dr. Heinrich von Pierer.

Andrew Griffiths


By Andrew Griffiths, Planet Mark

Andrew Griffiths is Director of Community and Partnerships at Planet Mark, a sustainability certification that supports organisations and real estate to measure and continually reduce carbon emissions, and increase their social impact. He chairs the Institute of Directors National Sustainability Taskforce and was a member of the U.K. Government’s COP26 Small Business Taskforce, as well as the Advisory Board for the Global Sustainability Film Awards. He thrives at the intersection between technology and sustainability and remains stubbornly optimistic about how these themes will align to influence and improve the future of our workplaces, planet and wider society.

FEIBP Innovation Award Competition

The primary aim of the Innovation Award is to stimulate those companies that are, directly or indirectly, involved in the brushware industry, to show their most recent products and to pay attention to new product developments. All innovations will be presented at the Opening Session of the congress and at the Brush Forum.
All delegates are entitled to vote and the winner is to be announced at the General Assembly.
The annual congress of the European Brushware Federation is an outstanding platform for the exposure of the innovative character of our industry. An appropriate exhibition space during the Brush Forum will be available.

Arrival and Hotel

The Grandior Hotel Prague is centrally located in Prague, within a 10-minute walk of Municipal House Hall and Powder Tower. This five-star hotel is 0.6 mi (1 km) from Palladium Shopping Centre and 1 mi (1.6 km) from
Mucha Museum.

Grandior Prague Hotel
Na Poříčí 42
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

Learn more about the FEIBP at

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