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Reinhold Hörz: 40 Years in the Field of Bristles

By Annette Hunt

Reinhold Hörz was just 26 years old when he entered the traditional brush and paintbrush industry. As a freshly qualified business economist with training as a banker, he joined the family business in the fourth generation. It was 1980 when he first visited the Interbrossa in Freiburg, Germany. “Basically, that’s what I grew up with,” he says. “I remember that my father and my uncle used to go not only to trade fairs but also to the stock exchange in London with my grandfather to buy good quality hair and fibers. That excited me. I still love to travel the world like a scout and negotiate with producers of raw materials.”

Whether in China or Mexico, Hörz is at home in the world of raw materials. It is about the procurement of natural materials, natural bristles and natural hair, vegetable fibers and components. He is known for his passion for language and business. For decades he has been on friendly terms with his suppliers, and he has always felt an obligation to his customers to procure and deliver only the best. “Quality is my top priority. That’s the only way it makes sense and I really enjoy it.”


1981 joined the family company HÖRZ based in Stuttgart

1986 married his wife Katharina Goldbeck-Hörz

1988 HÖRZ GmbH was taken over by DESCO Group

1995 successfully passed the exam for the PPL flight license

2008 successful transition from DESCO to DKSH with Hörz as Senior Sales Manager

With this takeover, Hörz moved from Stuttgart, Germany to Zurich, Switzerland. Since then he has been commuting between two countries that are both equally dear to him. “I’m very lucky I was able to work successfully in this small industry for so many years and in a great team,” he emphasizes. He really appreciates being involved in the industry’s global retail market together with his superiors and colleagues.

This year he will be 66 years old and will celebrate 40 years of service with DKSH. He is looking forward to spending more time with his family or and his hobby of flying.

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