WOMAtec: Wood Products Are On The Rise Again

All of these and many more wooden items can be produced on the WOMAtec copying shaper


Flexible production with the WOMAtec copy shaping machine

Where injection molding prevailed for the brush industry a few years ago, wood is on the rise again as it is now increasingly used as a renewable raw material. This trend is particularly noticeable in the household, cosmetic and oral hygiene sectors.

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WOMAtec Retrofit Doubles the Lifetime of Used Machines

Daniel Köhler during the startup of his WOMAtec CNC brush control.

Sustainability in Practice with WOMAtec

The hot topic of 2019: Sustainability. Everyone’s talking about it.  Although much is discussed and published on the topic, the trend toward the throwaway society continues to grow. Daniel Köhler, Managing Director and owner of WOMAtec Maschinenbau GmbH, would like to reverse that. He sees great opportunity to conserve resources and implement concepts of sustainable production in a practical and realistic manner, especially in the German machine building industry. “Extremely robust and durable machines have always been built in Germany,” says Köhler.  “We can take advantage of this simply by utilizing an already available resource: used machines.” These machines are brought to the state of the art by Köhler and his team of over 20 employees, and are then able to go back into the production cycle.

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