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Wöhler Brush Tech: Horenkamp Named New Technology GM

New general manager of technology Daniel Horenkamp

Wöhler Brush Tech is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Horenkamp as new general manager of technology. Horenkamp, born 1983 in Paderborn, joined Wöhler Brush Tech in January 2019, officially took on the company management together with Matthias Peveling on July 15, 2019.

Peveling, general manager, welcomes the appointment of Horenkamp, who brings a wealth of fresh ideas, knowledge and expertise in other areas with him, enriching the company.

Wöhler Brush Tech has decades of experience in machine manufacturing for brushmaking. Creativity is the focus of company philosophy. Not to settle too much on old habits, but rather to always look into the future and the possibilities it may bring: This ability has made Wöhler Brush Tech a leading innovator. 

This is exactly where Horenkamp is expected to position himself best: A perfect balance of experience and competence with the passion for tackling new challenges daily makes him not only very likeable but also underscores his qualities as a great team leader.

“I look greatly forward to working together in forming the future of brushmaking. To me, this means high customer satisfaction and breakthrough developments,” says Horencamp.

Relative to the ever advancing digital transformation, it is even more important to keep a finger on the pulse of the customers. That is why Horenkamp sets a high demand on the development and engineering of Wöhler machines. Only by means of critical analysis can the particular focal points of Wöhler customers be reliably defined, now and in the future.

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