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Wöhler Brush Tech Unveils Innovative Solutions at World Brush Expo 2024

Wöhler Brush Tech, a leading provider of brush production machinery, is excited to participate in the highly anticipated World Brush Expo 2024. This global event will serve as a platform for the industry to showcase its latest innovations and product highlights directly to customers. On Stand E1 in Hall 30, attendees can expect to explore Wöhler’s diverse array of cutting-edge solutions, including:

Roll and Spool Your Own Flat Wire!

Wöhler introduces a comprehensive line enabling companies to effortlessly roll and spool their own flat wire. The renowned FWR 250 flat wire rolling machine rolls the wire flat – with a thickness tolerance of just +/- 0.01 mm. The accompanying FWW 250 cooling unit facilitates continuous cooling of the wire, while the DC 510 wire winder enables rapid spooling at speeds of up to 240 m/min. A crane is integrated into the DC 510 for easy handling of the spooled wire with up to 400 kg on cardboard cores or optionally on metal spools.

Virtual Reality Experience for Road Sweeper Brush Production

Step into the future with Wöhler’s virtual reality showcase, offering an immersive journey into the full range of production machines for street sweeping brushes. Walk around machines for the production of street sweeper roll brush segments like the PVM 100 or gutter brooms and segments like the high-speed GB 100. Take a closer look than it would ever be safe to in reality. Witness the unveiling of the new Wöhler gutter broom machine GB 50, a simple and low-priced entry into the automated production of gutter brooms and segments incorporating an industrial robot to move segments or plates during drilling and filling.

SBM 840 Strip Brush Machine With the Highest Level of Automation

Wöhler will be presenting the SBM 840 strip brush machine with the BUD 300 automatic bundle feeder and the BLS 700 wheel picker for even and fast separation of various natural and synthetic materials. At the same time, the SBM 840 is equipped with the new DSA 500 wire strand laying device processing wire strands from spools. New features of the SBM 840 are the continuous monitoring of the profile width ensuring perfect fitting of the profiles into their holders and the brush height monitoring. One of the highlights is the new filament density closed-loop control, which ensures permanent quality control of the brush density and relieves the operator.

New Online Portal for Customer Service

Wöhler presents a new customer service portal that provides all the necessary machine data quickly and easily when servicing is required. Customers have a quick and comprehensive overview of their machines. Spare and wear parts that have already been ordered can be viewed and easily requested again.

The big advantage, however, is the integrated ticket system for service cases. This makes it much easier for both the customer and Wöhler to keep track of individual service cases on a chat basis. All tickets remain in the system and can be searched so that the customer can find solutions to recurring service cases independently. In addition, customers can access the documentation and accompanying documents for their machines at any time in the new customer portal. Wöhler Service will be happy to introduce the new customer portal to all interested customers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these innovations and more at Wöhler’s booth at the World Brush Expo. Visit Stand E1 in Hall 30 to discover the future of brush production technology.

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