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Notice of Merger by Incorporation of Unimac s.r.l. In the Company Borghi S.p.A.

Borghi S.p.A. announces that it has acquired the company Unimac s.r.l. by incorporation. Unimac s.r.l. since 1983 has designed and built complete lines to produce metal handles. It is also specialized in the design and construction of machines and automation for the production of power brushes.

The incorporation operation is part of the broader process of corporate redefinition of the group headed by Borghi, aimed at simplifying its structure and better enhancing its operational, administrative, and technological synergies. The merger will in fact make it possible to complete the concentration of the activities carried out by Unimac directly under the Borghi company, allowing not only a rationalization and optimization of decision-making levels, resource management and structural costs, but also an elimination of duplications and overlaps of accounting, fiscal and administrative duties. This project is the natural evolution of a partnership already existing for more than 10 years, during which important synergies have been created between the two companies.

“This is a moment of great importance for us, which establishes the strategic objectives defined already in the acquisition phase,” says Paolo Roversi, President of Borghi S.p.A. “A final step, the merger, which we wanted to make happen in the shortest time possible, to demonstrate our aptitude for rationalization in terms of management and cost savings and to present ourselves to the national and international market with a well-defined corporate identity, thanks to the contribution of the specific and complementary Borghi and Unimac expertise”.

“The acquisition of Unimac by Borghi in 2019 was an effective step to give a concrete future to the Unimac product lines, which expand the range offered by Borghi. With today’s incorporation not much has changed for us at Unimac, we have only moved to the Borghi location while keeping the workforce and roles unchanged and we have become part of the Borghi family in all respects with the aim of serving the global market by always trying to offer the best technology and services, the hallmark of the Borghi team”, says Davide Ori, General Manager of Unimac S.r.l.

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