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2023 ABMA Innovation Excellence Award Nominations

William A. Cordes Innovation Award

The ABMA is inviting member companies to enter new products for the ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award for 2023. “The Willie” is given to recognize outstanding innovation in any manufactured product, component or service in the brush industry in any given year. Submitted entries will be showcased during the 2023 ABMA Annual Convention next March in San Diego, Calif.

The Innovation Award recognizes outstanding innovation of manufactured products, components or services in the Brush, Broom, Mop and Roller Industry and is named after William A. Cordes, who served as the ABMA’s first President from 1917-1928.

2023 Submission Deadline: November 30, 2022


  • Manufactured Products are defined as products manufactured by a member company in their respective member country of origin, or in the member company’s owned facility outside of their country of origin. Assembled products are to be considered manufactured if such member company’s assembled products may legally display their specific country of origin label. Manufactured products may be contract or co-manufactured for others and shall be considered eligible provided permission has been granted and provided from the contracting party.
  • Marketed Products are defined as products which may be produced by others, but for which the member company is the “creative source” of the product. Creative source is defined as the holder of the Patent, Trademark or Copyright; or can show the origination of the idea or concept came from the member company.
  • Components and Services may be nominated provided they can be shown to fulfill the intent of any of the eligibility requirements above.

General Eligibility
Manufactured products, Marketed Products, Components and Services must be readily available in the year for which they are being submitted for consideration. To be eligible, any nominated product, component or service must have been introduced into the marketplace up to 18 months prior to the convention in which it will be voted on. Any and all manufactured and marketed products, components and services that pertain to the Broom, Brush, Mop and Roller Industry are eligible for consideration.

What to Submit
Submissions must include signed nomination form, actual production pieces, copies of patents or patent applications, copyrights, trademarks, permissions, design drawings, description of service, where applicable, along with proof service is actually in use in the industry, such as certification letters or warranties. Proof of introduction into marketplace within the previous 18 calendar months is also required. A one-page description summary may also be included. Nomination forms may be found by clicking here.

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