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Global Shop Solutions Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of its Cloud ERP Software

Global Shop Solutions, a leading provider of ERP software to manufacturers around the globe, is proud to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of its Cloud ERP product.  Designed to make technical support easier and reduce the total cost of ownership for manufacturers, Cloud ERP simplifies the software through increased speed, improved accessibility, stronger security, automatic data and systems backups, and more.

According to George Thuo, Director of Cloud Technology for Global Shop Solutions, Cloud ERP caught the attention of current and prospective customers from the start and product adoption greatly surpassed the five-year forecast.

“Like most new Global Shop Solutions products, our Cloud ERP is a result of listening to customers and responding to their needs,” says Thuo. “Several years ago, a growing number of prospective ERP buyers began asking if our ERP system was offered in the cloud. Based on the demand, I assembled a team to develop the product, which we launched in 2017. Five years later I am proud to say we have more than doubled our forecasts for the number of Cloud ERP users and made ERP software better for hundreds of manufacturers.”

Cloud-based ERP software offers many advantages, starting with lower system costs. With Cloud-based ERP, companies can maintain ERP at a very reasonable price because the ERP vendor performs these tasks for the customer. Another advantage is the ability for employees to access their company’s ERP system from anywhere, including at-home workstations or in real-time at multiple facilities. When the COVID pandemic hit in 2020, the demand for Cloud ERP skyrocketed.

“As many of our customers began sending employees to work at home, they needed easier external access to their Global Shop Solutions ERP system,” says Thuo. “We had a lot of customers scrambling to move to the cloud so they could continue operations with increased speed and accessibility.”

Looking Ahead

In 2017, about 25 percent of new Global Shop Solutions customers opted for Cloud-based ERP. Currently, about 65 percent of new customers choose that route. Thuo expects these numbers to continue to climb largely due to security concerns.

“With cyberattacks increasing in the manufacturing market, Cloud-based ERP costs less to protect the integrity of the system, especially for smaller manufacturers who can’t afford to have IT or security experts on staff,” says Thuo. “Our Cloud ERP helps customers avoid malware attacks because it’s protected with the best technology. Going forward, ERP providers will have to integrate security into their product, and the cloud is a great option. We will continue to innovate to protect manufacturers while making their day-to-day life simpler with Cloud ERP.”

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