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Lessmann Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Dieter and Jurgen Lessmann are presented with an award

In October, Lessmann “The German Brush Company” held two-day celebrations to mark the company’s 75th anniversary. Held on a Friday with nice fall weather, 150 invited guests came to the company ceremony. Customers, suppliers, consultants, neighbors, political representatives as well as friends and family were all welcome to join the 250 company employees that were invited to take part in the official part of the celebration in the marquee.

Managing directors Dieter and Jürgen Lessmann welcomed everyone present and included short anecdotes from the past, reaching back to their grandfather. Further speeches followed: The mayor of Oettingen, Thomas Heydecker, pointed out in his welcoming speech that a company in Germany only lives for 12 years on average, which highlights Lessmann’s 75 years as a great achievement.

Stefan Horst, Managing Director of the German Tool Industry Association (FWI), praised Lessmann’s professionalism, reliability and sustainability in his speech. In recognition of everything they had achieved, he presented an award to Dieter and Jürgen Lessmann. Additionally, Paul Ostberg, a close advisor to the company, spoke about the different options for corporate management and emphasized that ultimately it is the right mix of different leadership styles that makes a company successful.

In addition to the speeches, two new films about Lessmann were shown. One showcased the company’s products and history and the other presented Lessmann as a modern and fair employer in the region.

The rock band from the Maria Stern secondary school from Nördlingen provided the musical accompaniment. Cornelia Kitzsteiner, Lessmann’s sales manager, proved to be an entertaining moderator for the event program. All invited guests were then shown around the company in small groups and the official event ended with an informal get-together.

Modern industrial company presents itself to the public

On the second day of the celebrations, there was an open day for the public. Many visitors from near and far took the opportunity to look behind the scenes at the high-tech production facility. Machines were shown in operation, which greatly impressed the guests.

The newly built administration building, which was only moved in in 2021 was also open for guests. Attractions such as various games for young and old, a cinema with chips and popcorn and a trivia quiz ensured good entertainment for tours of the production facility.

Proceeds from the brush flea market donated

Brushes that could be purchased at the brush flea market were very popular. From hand brushes to technical brushes, there was a wide range of brushes at bargain prices. As a thank you for the Oettinger Waldkindergarten setting up a colorful children’s program on the open day, the entire proceeds of €2,500 were donated to the kindergarten.

Ending with an internal employee celebration

At the end of the celebrations, the management did not miss the opportunity to invite all employees to an internal celebration on Saturday evening. With good food and drink, the party celebrated late into the night in a good atmosphere.

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