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New Hillbrush Bannister Brushes

Hillbrush-professional hygienic bannister brushes

Improved Hygiene Performance With New Hillbrush Bannister Brushes

Hillbrush has remodeled its range of professional hygienic bannister brushes featuring several changes that improve hygiene and cleaning performance. With a slimmer, finer design, Hillbrush’s new bannister brushes have a better spread of brush fibers to enable enhanced cleaning in corners and on edges. 

The new brushes also incorporate a more ergonomic handle, featuring a raised arch, to avoid fingers being trapped and minimizing surface touch by the user. The brushes have also been designed so that when stored, the fibers hang away from the shadow board to minimize cross-contamination. 

The new bannister brushes are available in a range of colors to work in partnership with other color-coded specialist cleaning tools and shadowboards from the company. The professional soft brush in the range is also available in antimicrobial, resin set and MDX, while the professional stiff brush is available in antimicrobial and resin set. The extra soft bannister brush is resin set while the professional medium is also available with a resin set option.

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