Stainless Steel Products Now Offering Reusable Masks

Ralph Rosenbaum of Stainless Steel Products has joined the fight against Coronavirus by offering reusable non-medical protection masks to employers. Information on the masks and ordering can be found at Reusable masks are a cost-effective way for employers to continue operating their business and keep employees safe and aligned with health protocols. Masks can be machine washed and can get over 100 uses by hand washing. The masks are comfortable to wear throughout the duration of the workday.  According to Rosenbaum:

“Stainless Steel Products is committed to assisting in the fight to keep manufacturing employees safe until a COVID-19 vaccine is found and made available to everyone.

As a wire manufacturer and distributor, when one of our overseas suppliers informed us of their joint venture with a mask manufacturer to make certified anti-bacterial masks, using stainless steel wire, we felt compelled to act. They sent us a box of masks for free, which all of our working employees have been using for over three weeks now.  They have cotton cloth on one side, are multilayered, and stainless steel mesh on the outside. These are very comfortable to wear all day long. And the best part is that they are machine washable.

The payback is very quick vs. disposable masks. And the headache of where to keep buying disposables is also gone. We gave out two masks for each employee and said more were available if needed; however, since we began using them three weeks ago, no one has requested any more masks. I wear them for two days at a time and throw them in the washing machine on the weekends. Then we hang them to air dry so the elastic will not get ruined in the dryer.”

Stainless Steel Products is providing the masks at a low cost starting at $12.75 each, with price reductions for bulk orders. Visit to get your masks today.

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