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ZAHORANSKY Reports Record 2019

ZAHORANSKY Reports Record 2019

2019 is the best year in the company history

Ulrich Zahoransky

The good results confirm the standing of ZAHORANSKY as one of the internationally leading providers of injection molds, machines, automation technology, as well as packaging lines for the brush industry and medical technology: the 140 million euros in sales mark the biggest turnover in the corporate history. The current order situation also presents grounds for optimism: in spite of the challenges companies face as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, ZAHORANSKY logged the highest monthly incoming order volume so far in March 2020, with overall orders of 22 million euros for machines and lines, injection molds, medical technology and automation solutions.

“The drivers of growth in the previous fiscal year as well as the current month of March include our production and automation solutions for use in medical technology as well as large lines for the production of electric toothbrushes. As significant reasons behind our sustainable success, we have identified the continuous further development of our technologies and services, the unceasing expansion of our production capacities, as well as the focus we place on individual customer requirements,” explains Ulrich Zahoransky, Managing Director at ZAHORANSKY. He goes on to add: “We are proud of the good results in 2019 and are delighted about the good order situation we now have. This gives us reason to look to the next months with optimism and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for the trust they continue to place in us.”

Newsboard informs on the current situation
To keep customers across the globe up to date on current developments at ZAHORANSKY during the coronavirus pandemic, in detail and straight from the source, the company has set up a newsboard which can be accessed through the website. From now on, all important information, advice and tips, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions about ZAHORANSKY and the current situation, will be provided through the newsboard, which is continuously updated. Currently, operation at the production sites in Todtnau, Freiburg, and Rothenkirchen is ongoing without restrictions, and the service technicians in Germany, Brazil, the US, China and Japan can still travel in part and complete their service tasks. As a result of the high vertical integration of mechanical and electronical components, large stocks and multiple-sourcing strategies, there are no or only minor delays and bottlenecks in delivery. Robert Dous, Head of Sales and Marketing, explains: “The global coronavirus pandemic also affects us, but we have taken preparatory measures. Our business continuity management has been in place for over half a decade. It contains various contingency plans – among others for pandemics and long-lasting financial crises.” At the moment, business operation is ensured by 24/7 task forces, with a focus on employees and health, subsistence and the ability to supply. All production sites, sales and service branches, as well as departments of the ZAHORANSKY Group are involved in these teams.

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