Will AI Revolutionize Manufacturing?

Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production technology showing automation manufacturing process of the Industry 4.0 or 4th industrial revolution and IOT software to control operation. Photo by istockphoto/NanoStockk

By John Davis
CTO, Global Shop Solutions

Few technologies have changed the manufacturing industry as much as ERP software. From automated scheduling to precision inventory management, automated purchasing, real-time job costing and more, ERP simplifies production processes so manufacturers can work faster and more efficiently while delivering a quality product on time every time. The next transformative technology is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and both are already having a significant impact on our industry by changing the way manufacturers collect, process and analyze data.

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2023 Brushware March-April ABMA Preview Issue


Get ready for the 106th edition of the ABMA Convention with Brushware’s 2023 March-April Convention Preview issue, now available in digital format. Coverage includes all the details on the program, plus a guide to San Diego’s Coronado Island and tips to maximize your convention. In addition, you’ll find a profile on Montipower’s Managing Director Frits Doddema, and in our continuing 125th Brushware Anniversary Interview Series, we check in with Carl Wurzer, owner of Brushware from 1976-1999. Lisa Anderson’s column gives the scoop on e-Commerce for B2B. Plus, we have the final 2022 US Import Export data with five-year total value trend charts. The magazine can also be downloaded as a PDF from the upper left corner of the viewer.

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2023 Brushware 125th Anniversary January-February Issue


Celebrate 125 years of Brushware with our January-February 2023 special anniversary issue, now available in digital format. Inside, you’ll find an interview with former publisher Norman Finegold and a profile of Eleonora Calavalle, Managing Director of Pennelli Cinghiale. We also have our annual economic forecast from Phillip M. Perry and insights from Lisa Anderson on overcoming supply chain challenges. In addition, don’t miss our comprehensive section on Q3 US import/export data and the full economic dashboard, including manufacturing PMI data and more.

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2022 Brushware Machinery Showcase & Supplier/Manufacturer Spotlight Combo Issue


The 2022 Brushware November-December Machinery Showcase & Supplier/Manufacturer Spotlight issue is now available to all readers in digital edition format. This massive 84-page annual edition offers in-depth descriptions of all the top machines for the brush, broom, mop and roller industry along with detailed profiles highlighting available materials, products and services for the top industry suppliers and manufacturers. In addition, the issue has full coverage of the 2022 FEIBP Congress, a three-part feature on inflation and a profile on MGG North America CEO and President Alberto Voltolina.

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2022 Brushware September-October FEIBP Preview Digital Edition


The 2022 Brushware September-October FEIPB Preview issue is now available to all readers in eMag (digital edition) format. This annual edition offers a preview of the 62nd FEIBP Congress along with a guide to the host city of Prague. In addition, the issue features the Best Watercolor Brushes for 2022 as recommended by top artist brush manufacturers. The issue also includes the First Half 2022 US Import/Export data and Lisa Anderson’s column on using ERP to Automate, Digitize and Thrive.

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2022 Brushware Summer Buyers’ Guide eMag Now Available


The 2022 Brushware Summer Buyers’ Guide July-August issue is now available to all readers in eMag (digital edition) format. This annual edition offers a full directory listing of the top companies in the industry along with a full product/category Buyers’ Guide Index — a handy macro view of products, raw materials, machinery, components and services for the brush, broom, paint products and mop industry. In addition, this issue offers Phillip M. Perry’s feature on inflation with insights on how to guide your business through this inflationary period.

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2022 Brushware January-February eMag Now Available


The 2022 January-February Brushware issue is now available to all readers in eMag (digital edition) format. This kickoff edition for 2022 features our annual Economic Forecast from Phillip Perry and a look at Gen Z in the Workplace from Meg Cooper. In addition, this issue includes coverage of the 2021 FEIBP Virtual AGM from Katharina Goldbeck-Hörz and Lisa Anderson’s column examines the current supply chain challenges and takes a look ahead. Readers will also find Q3 US Import/Export statistics and all of the latest industry news.

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Reshoring: All Hype or Action?

Lisa AndersonBy Lisa Anderson

According to a Thomas survey about COVID-19’s impact on US manufacturing and industrial production, 64 percent of manufacturers are likely to bring production back to North America. It has gone beyond talk to action. Clients and colleagues are seeing an increase in inquiries related to reshoring and expanding manufacturing capabilities.

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