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2022 Brushware September-October FEIBP Preview Digital Edition


The 2022 Brushware September-October FEIPB Preview issue is now available to all readers in eMag (digital edition) format. This annual edition offers a preview of the 62nd FEIBP Congress along with a guide to the host city of Prague. In addition, the issue features the Best Watercolor Brushes for 2022 as recommended by top artist brush manufacturers. The issue also includes the First Half 2022 US Import/Export data and Lisa Anderson’s column on using ERP to Automate, Digitize and Thrive.


14 | ERP To Automate, Digitize and Thrive By Lisa Anderson

16 | FEIBP Preview: Get to Know Prague By Conor M. Todd

25 | Best Watercolor Brushes 2022

32 | 2022 First Half US Imports/Exports

47 | Brushware Marketplace


Brushware 2022 September-October eMag


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