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Tai Hing – Hongkong Professional Filament Material Manufacturer Since 1985

We are thrilled to announce that we will participate in the WORLD BRUSH EXPO 2024, which will be held from May 22-24, 2024, in the 29 and 30 halls of the Bolognafiere Venue, Bologna, Italy. We sincerely welcome all brush manufacturers and customers from any industries visit our booth L9 to share our innovative filament products and the best-customized filament solution.

The World Brush Expo is the brand new trade fair for the global brushware industry that includes technical brushes, paintbrushes, paint rollers, hygiene brushes, oral care brushes and the mop industry.

At WORLD BRUSH EXPO 2024, we will display our professional filament varieties with different characteristics applied in various brush applications. There are Lasson™, Soclean™, Tuboss™, Beauty™Fil, Sentec™, Superball™, Nexvan™, GrindFil™, Doclean™, Videfense™, Maskfit™ etc. These filaments are widely applied in industrial brush, toothbrush, paintbrush, household cleaning brush, artist brush, hairbrush, road sweeping brush, hygiene brush and mask industries, etc.

With the development of society, people’s health and environmental protection awareness has been greatly improved. They will prefer the environmental brush products that reduce the pollution of the ecological environment. Therefore, our new filament materials, BioFil biodegradable filament and PCR post-consumed recycled filament, are very popular in the brush industry.

BioFil contains renewable plant raw materials, such as wheat, corn and sugar beet. Compared to petroleum-based plastic, BioFil can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water under composting conditions.

According to the testing standard DIN EN13462:2000-12, ASTM D 6400:2019-01, it was reported that the bio-degradation rate of BioFil achieved 90.75% within 145 days. BioFil has been certificated by the chemical limitation test, bio-degradation test, ecotoxicological test and the earthworm ecotoxicity test.

It is suitable for making toothbrushes, makeup brushes, false eyelashes, household cleaning brushes and hygiene brushes. The application of BioFil helps brush manufacturers produce biodegradable brushes without causing any pollution to the environment in the production and final treatment process.

PCR filament, another eco-friendly filament material, is competitive with new nylon filament materials in terms of working performance, toughness and durability after the special treatment process.

The raw material of PCR filament recycles the abandoned plastic (PBT/PET/PP/NYLON 6 material) within 50 kilometers from the coast, which ensures that consumers can purchase the product beneficial to reducing ocean pollution.

Compared to the original plastic, it is reported that PCR filament effectively reduces the cumulative energy by 43 percent and water consumption by 15 percent, which is offered by our PCR raw material suppliers.

Additionally, GrindFil, abrasive filament, has been a highly anticipated product since its launch. It is made of nylon 6/66/612 base material and is combined with silicon carbide/Aluminum Oxide/Diamond abrasive material.

GrindFil has better characteristics of wear resistance, toughness, resilience, chemical resistance, etc. It has excellent working performance when it is applied in polishing, deburring, grinding, finishing and coating removal industries.

Tai Hing looks forward to your visit to L9 booth, where we will demonstrate the exceptional performance and versatility of our nylon brush filaments. Join us as we embark on a journey of innovation and discover the future of industrial brushes together.

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See you in the WORLD BRUSH EXPO 2024 in Bologna, Italy.

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