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2021 Brushware March-April eMag Now Available

The 2021 March/April eMag issue of Brushware magazine is now available to all readers. In this issue, Bob Lawrence provides a full preview of the 2021 ABMA Virtual Convention with feedback and insights from key industry contacts. This issue also sees the launch of our Global Brush Maker Locator — an in-depth listing of all brush manufacturers by country. We’ve also expanded our approach to the US Import/Exports to get a historical look at the final numbers for 2020. And there’s plenty more including a report on the FEIBP Paintbrush Working Group meeting and a look at ERP as a launchpad.


  • FEIBP: Paint Brushes WG January Update (p. 14)
  • Modern ERP Launchpad for Growth (p. 18)
    By Lisa Anderson
  • Virtual Convention Primer (p. 20)
    By Meg Cooper
  • Going Virtual: 104th ABMA CONVENTION (p. 22)
    By Bob Lawrence
  • Global Brush Locator Directory (p. 28)
  • 2020 Year-end US Imports/Exports (p. 32)
  • Economic Dashboard (p. 48)

VIEW FULL SCREEN: Brushware 2021 March-April eMag

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