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ABMA Convention Meet The Pros Agenda

The American Brush Manufacturers Association is excited to share the schedule of topics for the Meet the Pros roundtable discussions to be held as part of this year’s Annual Convention. The session is titled Workplace 2.0 – We Are All In This Together and is sponsored and led by the ABMA Emerging Leaders group. It will be held Wednesday,  March 2, 2022, at the Hyatt Coconut Point at 3:00 p.m. local in the CALUSA meeting room.

Envision a room with six tables and an opportunity for shared discussion over a 90-minute window. Each discussion lasts 13 minutes followed by a two-minute passing period. The format is completely open and participants are encouraged to bring their best ideas and best practices to share. Visit one table or all six.  Our “pros” come from within our industry and are all members of the ABMA Emerging Leaders, a group of dedicated young brush industry professionals.

The “pros” will come prepared with a short 1-2 minute presentation on their topic to get the discussion started. Topics are not related to specific products or machinery, but for 2022 focused on current demographic and age-related issues that are industry-wide and affect everyone.


Managing Communication Mediums throughout the organization.
Facilitator:  Miguel Medrano, Borghi USA

Benefits and Perks and other changes to recruiting strategies.
Facilitator:  Drew Driscoll, Jewel Wire

Understanding the four generations in your organization – and what you are doing to get them to work together.
Facilitator:  Rachel Ciullo, Composite Cutter Technology

What are you looking for in a new employer?  What are you looking for in a new employee?
Facilitator:  Meg Cooper, Brushware Magazine

Employee retention. Why do we stay?
Facilitator:  Tom Cottam, Industrial Brush Corporation

Automation and Technology in Workplace 2.0.
Facilitator:  Kevin White, Industrial Brush Company

Registration is now open for the ABMA 105th Annual Convention.  Please visit for additional details.

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