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CAP & Associates Celebrates 20 Years with Global Shop Solutions

Cap & Associates Shop Floor

When a business meets customer needs in a cost-effective manner year after year, its customers tend to stay with them for a long time. Global Shop Solutions is a perfect example. A leading provider of ERP software for manufacturers around the world, Global Shop Solutions is proud to announce another one of its customers, CAP & Associates, Inc., recently passed the 20-year mark as a loyal customer.

A global source for retail displays, fixtures, themed environments and hospitality furnishings, CAP ran the business for many years with only an AS-400 system for invoicing and Excel spreadsheets for everything else. The lack of access to real-time data created numerous problems with inventory, purchasing, estimating and tracking costs and other production processes. Global Shop Solutions ERP software has transformed the business over the past 20 years by providing the visibility to manage CAP’s entire production process more efficiently and effectively.

“Global Shop Solutions is a one-stop ERP solution that has everything we need all in one fully integrated system,” says Annette McLaughlin, IT Manager for CAP. “It’s easy to use, simple to navigate, and we get great support when we need it. CAP has tripled sales over the past 20 years, a rate of growth we couldn’t have achieved without a very robust ERP software behind it.“

McLaughlin also attributes CAP’s 20 years of loyalty to the service they receive from Global Shop Solutions and the people that deliver it.

“Their experienced service team and Virtual Training are two of the key reasons we’ve stayed with Global Shop Solutions,” she says. “Over the years we’ve developed relationships with many of their long-term employees who enjoy hearing from us and are quick to resolve issues. They always make us feel like a valued customer rather than just a number.”

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, CAP & Associates, Inc. is a global resource for retail displays, fixtures, themed environments and hospitality furnishings. Their services include design and engineering, manufacturing, project management, warehouse and inventory management, logistics and distribution and importing. As the foremost manufacturer of HPL- and melamine-finished products, they expertly craft standard and custom fixtures and furniture from every type of material. From strategic planning through on-site implementation, CAP’s skilled craftsmen and attention to detail provide customers with unique, cost-effective display solutions that are second to none.

CAP CEO Jason Prosnik says, “We deal with many different vendors, and the customer support we receive from Global Shop Solutions ranks up there with the best,” he says. “In fact, I can’t think of anyone that provides a higher level of customer service and support. We consider Global Shop Solutions not just as a vendor, but a partner in our ongoing success. CAP wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

Global Shop Solutions ERP software provides the applications needed to deliver a quality part on time, every time from quote to cash and everything in between including shop management, scheduling, inventory, accounting, quality control, CRM and 25 more. Available in the cloud or on-premise, manufacturing customers benefit from real-time inventory accuracy, improved on-time delivery, lower administrative costs, increased sales and improved customer service. The Global Shop Solutions headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas includes a state-of-the-art R&D facility and Global Shop Solutions training center. Through its offices in the US, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the company supports thousands of manufacturing facilities in over 25 countries and nearly 30 industries. For more information on Global Shop Solutions, visit


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