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Genesee Global Celebrates 20 Years of ERP Loyalty with Global Shop Solutions

Customer loyalty can be hard to find in today’s highly competitive manufacturing industry – unless you happen to be Global Shop Solutions. A leading provider of ERP software to manufacturers around the globe, the company is proud to announce that Genesee Global, a manufacturing services provider based in Rochester, N.Y., recently passed the 20-year mark as a loyal Global Shop Solutions customer.

“As technology began to reshape the manufacturing industry, we recognized the need to jettison our old database business management system and step up to ERP,” says Chris Caschette, CEO of Genesee Global. “We chose Global Shop Solutions for its robust functionality, superb visibility of shop floor data and ability to track performance data in real-time, but we’ve stayed with them for other reasons as well.”

“Like us, Global Shop Solutions is a family-owned business,” says Caschette. “They’ve had the same ownership for more than 45 years, which results in consistency of their people and product. They constantly update the software with new features and capabilities. Their ongoing training and education help maximize our ability to use the software. And the customer care team is very personable and responsive to our needs.”

Over the years, Global Shop Solutions has made significant improvements in virtually all areas of Genesee Global. From flexible scheduling to precise inventory control to customizable dashboards that provide immediate visibility of what’s happening on the shop floor, the software enables Genesee Global to simplify production processes, use their resources more efficiently, and help clients get their products to market faster.

On the financial side of the business, Global Shop Solutions makes it easy to track the company’s financial health by integrating financial and operational data into one system. Automated purchasing helps control the cost of materials, job costs are tracked in real-time, and management knows the true cost of each job as soon as it is finished. Based on these and other ERP-generated improvements, Genesee Global doubled sales within 10 years of implementing the software.

“Global Shop Solutions allows us to grow by responding more quickly to our customers’ needs,” says Caschette. “Yet, we don’t feel rushed when making decisions because the data driving key decisions is always right there at our fingertips. We’re proud to be a ‘legacy’ customer of this excellent organization.”

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