Brushware’s Top 15 Article’s For 2023

As we countdown to the new year, Brushware takes a look back with our annual most read articles ranking. This year’s list addresses well-known industry topic as the top article touches on the labor issues that continue to be a challenge for all of manufacturing. Looking further down the rankings, acquisitions were active in 2023 and that activity captured the attention of readers. Additionally, there always seems to be an interest in new products, so it was not surprising to see articles on new product innovations in the top 15 as well. Please enjoy Brushware’s recap of the top industry news articles from 2023:

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Workforce Services Webinar: Where Are The Manufacturing Workers?

Workforce Services Webinar Unveils Insights Into the Leaky Pipeline of Manufacturing Workforce

The Ohio Manufacturers’s Association, a leading advocate for workforce development, is pleased to announce a webinar aimed at addressing the challenges faced in recruiting and retaining a skilled, diverse manufacturing workforce. Titled “Exploring the Leaky Pipeline: Where are the workers with manufacturing-related skills and credentials?” this informative session is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12, 2023, from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

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WORKFORCE SERVICES WEBINAR: Breaking Barriers and Building Careers with WorkAdvance

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association Workforce Services Webinar Series is back with a new success story that highlights the effectiveness of the Industry Sector Partnership (ISP) in building careers. The Good Jobs Challenge WorkAdvance program presents “Breaking Barriers and Building Careers: A WorkAdvance Success Story”, a webinar that takes a closer look at how ISP is changing the landscape of employment and training opportunities.

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Ohio Manufacturers’ Workforce Summit 2023: November 8

The Ohio Manufacturers’ has announced Wednesday, November 8, 2023, as the date for 2023 Workforce Summit. Quest Conference Center. Created in 2017, the summit will be held at the Quest Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio, and will offer resources, tools, support, new content, and fresh ideas to manufacturers and their workforce partners, suppliers, advocates, and champions to improve workforce skills and increase the supply of quality workers in Ohio’s manufacturing industry.

The 2023 Ohio Manufacturers’ Workforce Summit is expected to attract 400 participants and will dive into priority workforce topics such as:

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Ohio Manufacturing Workforce Partnership Employer $500 Training Incentive Program

Earn $500 Per Employee for Your Qualifying In-House Training Program

Manufacturers providing earn-and-learn opportunities to their employees are now eligible for $500 per person to offset the cost of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. The Ohio Manufacturing Workforce Partnership (OMWP) is now offering incentives for employers who are willing to formalize their earn-and-learn programs and provide participant data through the Scaling Apprenticeship initiative. This incentive can be combined with programs like TechCred to offset the cost of tuition, credentials, assessments, and other training-related expenses. This is a first-come, first-serve program for qualifying manufacturer programs, so be sure to complete the application today.

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Workforce Learning Webinar for Ohio Educators through Industry Partnerships

Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) is hosting a webinar on Thursday, March 23, 2023, from 10-11 a.m. to discuss providing workforce learning for Ohio educators through industry partnerships. The OSLN is dedicated to inspiring and training the next generation of innovative leaders in Ohio. It connects innovative schools, teachers, and administrators to each other and to national resources, supports schools and communities that want to create innovative schools and programs, builds community awareness and drives school and industry partnerships. The network operates as a public-private partnership between the Ohio Department of Education and Battelle.

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Ohio Manufacturers’ Association’s New Workforce Services Roadmap

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association has announced the availability of the latest OMA Workforce Roadmap. Guiding the workforce community since 2017, the Workforce Roadmap lays out the strategies that will continue to bolster OMA’s network of Industry Sector Partnerships to protect and grow Ohio manufacturing. OMA’s workforce priorities are designed to:

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Manufacturers’ Workforce Summit in Cincinnati: October 18-20

With October as Manufacturing Month, the Manufacturing Institute’s Inaugural Workforce Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, will be a showcase event held October 18-20, 2022. The Summit will feature professionals from leading companies and thought leaders who are experts on new and innovative practices in workforce development. Ohio Manufacturers’ Association President Ryan Augsburger will be a plenary session speaker, promoting the many Ohio workforce innovations.

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