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ZAHORANSKY Restructures Sales and Marketing Approach

Robert Dous, Chief Sales Officer ZAHORANSKY Group und Managing Director ZAHORANSKY Automation & Molds

ZAHORANSKY is repositioning itself in sales and marketing and is merging the Oral Care/Broom & Brush Mechanical Engineering and Automation & Molds/Medical Technology sales divisions. The restructuring opens up synergies in development, sales and production and enables the strength of the global sales and production network across all ZAHORANSKY locations. Starting in January, Robert Dous has led the restructure initiative he is now Managing Director of ZAHORANSKY Automation & Molds GmbH and the Chief Sales Officer of the ZAHORANSKY GROUP. He is responsible for the global sales, marketing and service activities of all ZAHORANSKY products and locations. Additionally, he is also managing branches in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan and China.

Dous has been with ZAHORANSKY for almost 14 years and was previously responsible for sales, marketing and service as well as product management for machines and systems concerning the production of brushes, including toothbrushes, interdental brushes, household brushes, technical brushes and cosmetic brushes such as those used for mascara.

Two-pronged Sales Approach

In the future, ZAHORANSKY will pursue a two-pronged sales approach. There will be divisions specifically for standard manual or automated brush production machines, packaging machines, automation modules as well as injection molds. These teams are controlled locally and are characterized by their special customer proximity and flexibility on account of their regional presence. An agile interdisciplinary organization approach is used for the project business in the division of tailor-made production solutions with a high degree of interlinking and automation in the areas of personal care, medical technology and industrial automation. Upgrading and expanding the key account management enables ZAHORANSKY to even better meet the requirements of global market leaders.

Expansion of the Medical Technology Division

Medical technology is also a high priority in the future product strategy. This business division is being further expanded with production solutions for the manufacture of in-vitro diagnostics, drug delivery and primary packaging. Specifically, this involves dialyzers, vaccine containers, prefilled plastic syringes, pipette tips, blood collection tubes, inhalers and many other medical technology products.

Carefree All-in-one Service

When it comes to customer care, ZAHORANSKY consistently relies on the perks of digitization using the global sales organization with sales and service branches. A 360-degree carefree service approach, based on remote monitoring and alerting of production processes, as well as preventive maintenance, increases the production output of the machines and minimizes scheduled downtimes.

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