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ZAHORANSKY Will No Longer Exhibit at Interbrush

ZAHORANSKY has been an exhibitor at the Interbrush (formerly Interbrossa) in the Freiburg exhibition halls since its start in 1977. After careful consideration, however, we have now come to the conclusion, which was not an easy one, that the industry trade fair no longer meets the requirements of our company and the current market conditions. We will, therefore, no longer participate as an exhibitor at the upcoming Interbrush 2024 or any following ones.

Our decision is based on the following reasons:

  • Trade show intervals are too long: Interbrush is only held every four years. This means that it no longer meets the shorter innovation cycles required today for the development and market launch of new products.
  • Innovation decelerator trade show date: In the past, the presentation of new products took place at the trade show. Innovations had to be developed parallel for the trade fair and could not be introduced and presented directly after market readiness.
  • Effort vs. benefit: Today, the Interbrush no longer had by far the positive economic effect as in times past. Effort and benefit are no longer in a justifiable ratio for us.
  • Duration of the trade show & costs: With only three days, Interbrush is too short to be able to look after the approximately 5,000 visitors with our high standards of consulting and service, despite the high personnel expenditure. In addition, the seven-figure costs and the large number of staff required for preparation and implementation are not in proportion to this.

We are aware that this decision represents a significant break for our customers and partners as well as for our employees – after all, Interbrush has become a beloved tradition for many of us. However, it is now time to break new ground – which we believe will bring many positive benefits. We will use the high budget and manpower that have been freed up to develop our products and solutions even more consistently in line with customer requirements and to launch them on the market in a timely manner. We would like to create a new framework for the close and personal exchange with all customers and partners and are currently working on a concept for an event on our premises. We will announce more details in due time.

We hope that you can understand our reasons for canceling our participation in Interbrush. We are still on friendly terms with Messe Freiburg and are in close contact with those responsible for the event.

Ulrich Zahoransky
Managing Director

Robert Dous
Director Sales & Marketing

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